10 Best Things to Do in Mykonos

Discover my top things to do in Mykonos, the Greek Island in the Aegean Sea!

10) Embark upon a Day Cruise to Delos

Said to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Delos is a short ferry trip away from Mykonos and visitors can explore the various statues, temples and ruins scattered across the island.

9) Lounge around at a Beach Club

The perfect Mykonos day is spent at a beach club. The island has a beach club for everyone: JackieO’ for the hedonists, Scorpios for the sophisticated and Alemagou for the laid-back. Book in advance to secure your bed or lounger.

8) Visit Paraportiani Church in Kastro

With its foundations dating back to the 1400’s, the white-washed Church of Paraportiani is one of the most-photographed Churches in the world. This is largely due to the fact that the Church has such an unusual structure, blending a mix of the following styles: Byzantine, vernacular, traditional and western. The Church is in the Kastro area, so lunch at Kastro’s Mykonos is a must after visiting Paraportiani.

7) Stroll around the Old Port

The colour of the water around the Old Port is startling. This is largely a result of the fact that ferries can no longer enter the Old Port’s waters. The Port also has a small sandy beach which is ideal for those looking for a quick dip. Dinner at Remezzo along the waterfront is a wonderful way to end an amazing day in Mykonos.

6) Check out the (Kato Milli) Windmills

The Kato Milli Windmills are an iconic sight of Mykonos and operated from the 16th through to the late 19th century, grinding local wheat and barley. *FREE TO VISIT*

5) Experience the Nightlife

Mykonos is considered to be the ‘Greek Ibiza’ and I cannot disagree with this statement. The island is littered with bars and clubs and my favourites are discussed throughout this article. Skandinavian Bar was so wild that I didn’t even manage to take any photos!

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4) Explore the island and its beaches by Car

Mykonos is a small island and it is really worth hiring a car for the day to discover some unbelievably picturesque beaches. My favourite beaches on the island are Fokos Beach, Agia Anna and Agios Sostis. All three offer golden sands and crystal blue waters and are a welcome break away from the madness of the rest of the island.

Arrive early at Agios Sostis to grab some super fresh seafood at Kiki’s Tavern. Alternatively, drive over to Agia Anna beach and ‘walk the plank’ to Spilia Restaurant for a more lavish and romantic dining experience.

3) Wander around Mykonos Town (Chora)

No trip to Mykonos is complete without exploring the main town – or ‘Chora’. Chora’s narrow cobbled streets lined with bougainvillea are symbolic of Greece and it is simply wonderful to wander through them without purpose.

2) Watch the Sunset

Sunsets are big business globally and Mykonos has certainly capitalised on them. Sunset on the island is an unmissable experience and is best viewed with a drink in hand and a hearty meal. My top spots for sunset are 180 Sunset Bar and Cavo Tagoo. Read on below to discover another incredible sunset location..!

1) Have a drink in Little Venice

As far as sunset spots go, it doesn’t get much better than Little Venice. The area is named after the Italian city due to its similar architecture – both featuring two-storey waterside buildings, with colourful wooden balconies. The area is a real hive of activity, with waves crashing into a plethora of different restaurants and bars. *TOP TIP* Make sure to book in advance for sunset cocktails at Baos, before dancing all night at Negrita Bar.