FIVE FACTS ON: Wieliczka Salt Mines (Kraków)

  • From the 13th century up until 2007, the Wieliczka Salt Mines were excavated to produce sodium chloride (table salt).
  • The Salt Mines reach a depth of 327 metres and extend horizontally through a number of chambers and passages for over 287 kilometres.
  • Today, the Mines are a historical attraction in Poland. Visitors will explore a mere 2% of the mines on a 3 kilometre route. On this route, visitors will see chapels and statues carved from salt, historical salt-mining implements and an underground lake.
  • Arguably, the Chapel of St Kinga is the most impressive part of the Salt Mines. It took over thirty years for three men to complete the Chapel, removing approximately 20,000 tonnes of salt.
  • It is common to hear that popular tourist sites are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, however the Wieliczka Salt Mine appeared on UNESCO’s first-ever World Heritage List back in 1978, along with the historic city centre of Kraków.

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The Salt Mines are near Kraków, which is the perfect destination for a short city break. Make sure you read my favourite things to do in Kraków before visiting the city!