10 REMARKABLE Things to Do in Berlin

Discover my top 10 things to do in the capital of Germany, Berlin!

10) Head to the Topography of Terrors Museum.

At the Topography of Terrors, visitors can gain a better insight into the life of a Berliner under the control of the Nazis. The Museum displays a number of documents, photographs and exhibitions. It is located on the site that was once the headquarters of the Gestapo (the secret police of the Nazi state) and the high command and security service of the SS (Hitler’s personal bodyguards). *FREE TO VISIT*

9) Explore the city during the festive period and enjoy the Berlin Christmas markets.

Have a gluhwein (or two) at one of the many Christmas markets littered across the city. The markets are present in Berlin during late November through to early January.

8) Spend time on Museum Island.

At Museum Island, take your time exploring any (or all!) of the five world-famous museums located on this island. Museum Island also provides the perfect opportunity to see Berlin Cathedral as pictured below.

7) Take the lift to the top of the Fernsehturm.

This iconic TV tower almost follows you around the city. Take the lift to the top for fabulous panoramic views across Berlin.

The Fernsehturm.

6) Wander around the East Side Gallery.

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin from 1961 to 1989. At 1316 metres long, the East Side Gallery is the longest section of the Berlin Wall that remains standing. As soon as the wall fell, artists began painting the concrete slabs with political graffiti and the section was announced as an open air gallery in 1990. *FREE TO VISIT*

The East Side Gallery.

5) Travel slightly outside of the city centre for a tour of the Olympiastadion.

The Olympiastadion hosted the 1936 Olympics with the Nazis in power. It was here that Jesse Owens became a four-time Olympic Gold medallist, destroying Hitler’s initial attempts to portray the supremacy of Nazi Germany and the Aryan Race. Today the stadium is used as the home of the Bundesliga football club Hertha BSC, in addition to hosting numerous other sporting events and concerts. 60-minute tours of the stadium can be booked here.

The Olympiastadion.

4) Check out Checkpoint Charlie.

As one of the few gaps in the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous crossing point between East and West Germany. The checkpoint booth, barrier, sandbags and US flag at the site today are based on those found at Checkpoint Charlie during the Cold War. *FREE TO VISIT*

3) Pay your respects at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe comprises of 2711 concrete slabs covering an area of 19,000 square metres. It is a moving place of remembrance for the six million Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust. *FREE TO VISIT*

2) Visit the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin’s most iconic landmark, the Brandenburg Gate, was opened in 1791. It has come to be known as symbol of unity and peace, following the reunification of Germany in 1990. *FREE TO VISIT*

At the Brandenburg Gate.

1) Tour the Reichstag Building.

*FREE TO VISIT* The Reichstag Building is the meeting place of the German Parliament. Visitors can take an audio-guided tour of the building’s glass dome and roof terrace, which offers 360 degree views over the city. Tickets must be arranged in advance of your trip and can be obtained here.

Inside the Reichstag.

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