Ten AMAZING Things to Do in VALLETTA

Discover my top 10 things to do in Valletta, the Maltese capital!

10) Check out the Rotunda of Mosta.

This architectural delight is based on the Roman Pantheon. Entrance charges amount to 2EUR per person.

9) Venture slightly further afield with a boat trip to the island of Gozo.

Read on below to discover my *TOP TIP* for visiting Gozo, a small Maltese island to the North of the ‘mainland’, from Valletta. Gozo has many tourist sights to explore, including the area which was the ‘Azure Window’ and Ta’ Pinu Basilica.

8) Hunt down an iconic red telephone box.

The telephone box pictured below can be found while walking between the Upper Barrakka Gardens and the Lower Barrakka Gardens, however it’s not so novel if you’re British!

7) Enjoy an Aperol Spritz at one of the many bars lining the city’s streets.

6) Wander through the wonderfully preserved Fort Manoel.

*TOP TIP* Fort Manoel, sitting on Manoel island, dates back to the 1720’s and the site offers a picture postcard view of historic Valletta. *FREE TO VISIT*

5) Explore the many narrow cobbled streets of beautiful Valletta.

For me, the charm of Valletta lies in the beauty of its many narrow, cobbled streets. I loved wandering these streets and taking plenty of different photos.

4) Visit the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are an incredibly peaceful spot to observe a panoramic view of Valletta’s harbour, including views of Fort St. Angelo. *FREE TO VISIT*

3) Take a boat to Sliema for beautiful views of Valletta.

Like from Fort Manoel, the boat to Sliema provides a great opportunity to take fabulous photos of the famous dome of the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

2) Embark upon another boat trip to the stunning Blue Lagoon.

*TOP TIP* Visit the Blue Lagoon along with Gozo island (as mentioned above) in a one day boat trip from Valletta. You can check out some of my other favourite Blue Lagoons in Europe here.

1) Have a sunset dinner at Cockney’s on the Valletta waterfront.

Try the Maltese speciality of Rabbit at Cockney’s, or opt for fresh seafood!

In my opinion, Valletta can be decently explored with a simple overnight stay in the city. Check out the other European capital cities that I think can be sufficiently visited during the course of an overnight stay here.