Rhodes: My Top 10 Things to Do

An article that does what it says on the tin – in reverse order, here’s my top 10 things to do on the Greek island of Rhodes!

10) Have a few too many shots of ouzo in the party town of Faliraki.

9) Experience two countries in one day by hopping on a boat trip to Marmaris, Turkey.

8) Consume large quantities of Greek salad and fresh seafood at Tambakio.

7) Embark upon a day of swimming and snorkelling in heading by boat to Kallithea Springs Beach, Anthony Quinns’ Bay and the Alikies caves.

6) Tour a vast array of beautiful beaches, spending time on the golden sands (and in the crystal blue waters of) Tsampika Beach.

5) Have a day out at the Faliraki Water Park.

4) Visit the site on which the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, previously stood.

3) Explore the medieval city of Rhodes Town, ensuring that you spend plenty of time wandering around the Palace of the Grand Master, with its well-preserved battlements and towers.

2) Travel by boat to the nearby island of Symi and see its wonderful harbour adorned with brightly coloured, neoclassical houses.

1) Visit the Acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel with ancient remains including the ruins of the Temple to Athena Lindia (dating back to 300BC) and a 20-columned Hellenistic stoa (from 200BC).