Three AMAZING Blue Lagoons You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

I’m not sure that there is anything nicer than being either in, or on, water. Actually, let me correct that – I’m not sure that there is anything nicer than being either in, or on, beautifully blue lagoon water. As such, you can imagine that I’m very keen to gravitate towards blue lagoons whenever the opportunity arises and here are three of my favourites:


The blue lagoon in Croatia is found at Krknjaši bay, just outside the town of Trogir. Most visitors to the lagoon will be on boat trip from the city of Split. I went on a full day excursion from Split (tickets available here) which included lunch and free time on the nearby island of Solta. I loved having a swim and a snorkel in these crystal blue waters, before devouring a lunch of freshly grilled fish on the boat.

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The blue lagoon of Malta (pictured in the header photo to this blog article) is found next to Comino, a small island sandwiched between the Maltese ‘mainland’ and the island of Gozo. As with the Croatian blue lagoon, I visited this wonderful area while on full day boat trip. This boat trip also included a bus tour of the island of Gozo. As before, the best part of the day for me was taking a dip in the beautiful turquoise waters of the blue lagoon, before enjoying the view with a can of Cisk, the local lager. You can book a trip to the Maltese blue lagoon here.

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Undoubtedly the most famous blue lagoon is in Iceland and it is certainly a bit different to those found in Croatia and Malta! Rather than forming part of the sea, this hot body of water is found in a lava field near Keflavik airport and it is a man-made, by-product of the nearby geothermal power plant, taking its colour from the high silica content in the water.

Often cited as one of the ’25 Wonders of the World’, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is definitely worth adding to your bucket list. It was so relaxing to bathe in these waters with a silica mud mask on my face and a glass of prosecco in hand. Tickets and more information can be found here.