10 AMAZING Things to Do in Washington DC

Discover my 10 favourite things to do in Washington DC!

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10) Grab a piece of pie at &pizza and wash it down with a drink at the POV rooftop bar.

9) Pay a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The very moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial comprises of a Wall which lists the names of the 58,000 US Servicemen who lost their lives in, or remain missing from, the Vietnam War. *FREE TO VISIT*

8) Check out the Memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was opened in 2011 and takes its inspiration from a line of his “I Have A Dream” speech: “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” *FREE TO VISIT*

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

7) Appreciate the beautiful architecture of the Capitol Building.

Home of the US Congress, the Capitol Building was notoriously ‘stormed’ in a violent attack in early January 2021. The building features neoclassical architecture, with the original structure being completed in 1800.

The Capitol Building.

6) Remark at the White House.

5) Wander around Arlington National Cemetery.

Arlington is the resting place of John F. Kennedy and many other notable Americans. *FREE TO VISIT*

4) Explore the Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial.

The Roosevelt Memorial comprises of four sections to reflect his four Presidential terms. Make sure you don’t miss the memorial to his pet pooch, Fala. *FREE TO VISIT*

The Roosevelt Memorial

3) Pay your respects at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

The 19 stainless steel statues that make up the Memorial are an incredibly poignant tribute to the different branches of the Armed Forces who served in the Korean War. *FREE TO VISIT*

The Korean War Veterans Memorial

2) Stroll around the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Before its opening in 1943, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial’s enviable location was once the site of one of Washington’s most popular beaches. *TOP TIP* Visit in late March/early April to see the Pantheon-inspired Memorial and Tidal Basin surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees. *FREE TO VISIT*

1) Ascend the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial.

The Parthenon-inspired Lincoln Memorial enjoys a beautiful view over the reflecting pool up to the Washington Monument. *FREE TO VISIT*