10 INCREDIBLE Things to Do in Krakow

Discover 10 amazing things to do in Krakow!

10) Create your own delicious pizza at Pizzatopia.


9) Zoom around the city on an electric scooter.

8) Visit the museum at the former site of Oskar Schindler’s factory.

Schindler famously saved 1200 Jewish people from the Holocaust by hiring them in his factory. Book a tour here.

7) Explore Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral.

The beginnings of Wawel Castle date back to the 11th century and the blend of Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture throughout the complex reflects its long history. The Castle was home to three dynasties of Polish monarchs and visitors can explore the stately rooms, halls and chambers, along with the gardens and courtyards.

Wawel Cathedral, adjoining the Royal Castle

6) Try Polish delicacies at a milk bar.

Historically, a milk bar was a government-subsidised restaurant that was designed to feed the workers. Head to U Babci Maliny to sample traditional fare such as pierogi (dumplings).

5) Watch the Trumpeter’s hourly call from the top of St Mary’s Basilica.

The bugle call (hejnał mariacki) is played on the hour, every hour, from the top of the church of St Mary’s Basilica. The signal call has been used since the Middle Ages, when it was used to announce the opening and closing of the city’s gates. Allegedly, the melody’s abrupt ending commemorates a bugler who was shot in the throat by an arrow while playing the signal call to warn the city of the approaching enemy forces. *FREE TO WATCH*

St Mary’s Basilica

4) Tour the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, 2% of this former commercial mine is now home to a tourist trail of chambers, lakes, chapels and statues – all made from salt. You can discover more about the mines here.

3) Travel to the concentration camp and rail tracks of Birkenau.


2) Pay your respects at Auschwitz museum.


1) Sample vodka shots at Wodka Cafe Bar.

With flavours ranging from fig to chilli chocolate (both of which are scrumptious!), Wodka is a great spot to sample Polish vodka. *TOP TIP* The bar is very small, so arrive early in the evening in order to get a table.

Shots shots shots at Wodka.

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